About Us

The La Boîte Performace Space Inc is a not for profit association and we welcome all members, sponsors and supporters to join us in creating a space for local artists to perform and get paid for their performances. When you help the association you also help the Greek Australian Entexno Music scene as this falls out of the commercial styles. We support emerging artists, music performers and writers and are happy to host events for them at our space. We support those of any ethnic background and our events are open for all ages. Most music events have a $15 entry for concession card holders. Word / Book events have a $5 entry to cover costs, tea and coffee and biscuits.

Background History

The original Boite scene in Greece was a place where people would gather and even sit on cushions on the floor and listen to mainly softer and more intimate music than that of the Club or Taverna scene.

Many songs were love songs but also anti-war demonstration songs, songs of social consciousness and poetry put to music. The lyrics are paramount.

We have been running music and poetry evenings beginning with the original BOITE music of Greece in the 60's and also we hope to recreate that energy so that we can present original material from local artists, musicians and poets.

This event venue is for those interested in serious music, rather than Taverna style. Poetry put to music is presented by professional performers and their friends.

We welcome all World musicians and poets to take part and present a performance in any language. As long as we have some explanation of the lyrics or poems we are happy to be inclusive. 

At the moment we hold regular  BOITE nights on a Thursday at La Boite Performance Space, 837 New Canterbury Rd Dulwich Hill but sometimes hold music evenings in other premises.

Many of those who perform have performed in the original BOITE, the brainchild of Peter Carantinos, in the late 1970's. The original logo was the artwork by Takis Constantopedos of the original Boite Committee. Our cuurent logo (shown above)is the artwork of artist Petros Hovaghimian.

During the late 90's THE PLAY SPACE Boite was created and later The Play Space was brought to life again in the 2010 by Eleni Elefterias.

In July 2017 Eleni Elefterias joined forces with Sotiris Prokopiou to bring this beautiful music and concept back to life as only we know how to do it. Both have been heavily involved with music, poetry and performance for many years. Sotiris is an accomplished singer and multi-instrumentalist playing the guitar, bouzouki, baglama, tzoura and also composes songs and writes lyrics. Eleni is a singer/guitarist in the tradition of the original boîtes, an interpreter of lyrics and poetry as well as a songwriter and lyricist, coodinator of events and creator of multimedia presentations and talks on various Greek music topics. Both also have an interest in the Rembetika (Greek Blues style) music, Songs about and from Asia Minor. They have presented various programs at the La Boîte Performance Space. 837 New Canterbury Rd Dulwich Hill including the following: The Songs of Asia Minor, Romaiki Agora - Η Πόλις, A Tribute to Arletta, Tribute to the Polytechnic (Anti-War Songs), Mauthausen, Epitaphios, Greek Cinema Songs and more.

All this would not be possible without the help of a number of people who have volunteered their time to ensure the boîte succeeds, such as, Sam Pappas, Jean Tsembis, Alex Missiris, Greg Taylor, Sue Thliveris and many more.  

Our Production team and performers who have supported us over the years such as Christos Kyvetos-Kostakidis (Sound), Marina Thiveos (Singer and band member of Greco Flamenco), Christina Bachiella (Percussionist and multi-instrumentalist), Athanasia Costa (Singer/actor), Hellen Arestides (Singer), Paul Hoftsetter (Guitarist), Anna Papoulia (Singer/pianist/composer), George Spanos (guitarist/multi-instrumentalist), Dimtira Tzodouris (singer/pianist), Brent Keough (oud), Joanne Mayson (Singer/comedian), Anna Comino (Comedian), Felicia Harris (Singer/pianist/comedian), Irene Vacondios (Singer), Mersina Tony-Soulos (singer and band member of Cafe Greco)  and Jim Pernell (Classical and Spanish guitarist) are among the few who have performed for us over the last year alone.

We welcome performers to our events from all ethnic groups and genres.